Cat-behavior Lab Assessment

What will be done during this study?

We ask you to bring your cat to UNO campus (Allwine Hall, room 240), where we will study its behavior.  We will observe and record your cat’s behavior after it wanders within a room with scented materials.  During this assessment, you will be able to watch your cat’s response using a live video feed in some trials and interact with it in other trials.
Then in order to understand your cat’s behavior in relation to whether it has been previously exposed to Toxoplasma gondii, we will ask you to let us obtain a blood sample from your cat.  We will also use this blood sample to measure your cat’s stress level, and to isolate your cat’s DNA.  This will let us understand more about how your cat’s behavior is related to its stress level and its genetic make-up. 
Your visit should take around 30-45 minutes.